Registering your exam results to SIS

Bachelor‘s and Master‘s (post-Bachelor) study programme – PhDr. Tomáš Vučka
Interns and post-graduates – PhDr. Tomáš Vučka
During consultation hours only – as stated in a current schedule
To register the exam result, please have the code of the course handy.
The exams can be registered only during the semester or exam period (September – June) and only after you present your „index“. Should PhDr. Vučka be ill, on holiday, on a business trip or teaching abroad for over a week, it is PhDr. Z. Hajíčková who will do the registrations.
In some (exceptional) cases it  will be possible to register the exam result via email – if you send a scanned page of your „index“; this way of registration can take upto a week to be processed. During the holiday period (July – August) your requests will not be considered.
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