Czech for Foreigners Courses

  • Summer School

    The 58th session of the Czech for foreigners at the Summer School of Slavonic Studies (the LŠSS) is  designed  for the specialists of the Slavic and Bohemistic field, postgraduate and undergraduate students, translators and for everybody (beginners), who is interested in the Czech language, literature, history and culture.

    Term: 24 July – 21 August 2015

    Application form in PDF.

  • Czech Studies Programme

    The Czech Studies Programme is an eight-month comprehensive programme covering Czech language for foreigners, literature, history and culture. This programme has been designed for everybody interested in the Czech language and culture, but especially for foreign students following their courses in Slavonic Studies or related disciplines.
    Terms: winter semester (September – December); spring semester (February – May).

  • Intensive Course

    This course isn´t open currently.

    A 10-day Intensive Czech Language Course for foreigners is organized twice a year, in winter and spring terms. It is designed for all foreigners who are interested in Czech and who cannot attend regular courses for 1 or 2 semesters.
    Terms : January   (winter term); May (spring term).

  • Evening Courses

    This course isn´t open currently.

    Evening courses of Czech for foreigners are offered in both winter semester (September-December) and spring semesters(February-May). Semestral courses are designed not only for students but also for all foreigners of diverse professions who intend to improve their knowledge of (vyškrtnout are interested in) Czech language and culture.
    Terms: winter semester (September – December); spring semester (February – May).

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