Activities and Events

The Institute of Czech Studies regularly holds an international symposium on Czech as a foreign language, attended by experts from all over the world.

In the year 2013, the 7th sympozium took place on the occasion of the Institute’s 35th anniversary, the title being Čeština ve světě a svět v češtině (Czech in the World, The World in Czech).

16 – 20 of August 2016, the 8th sympozium will take place on the occasion of the Summer school of slavonic studies´s 60thanniversary, the title being Čeština – jazyk evropský a světový?  (Czech – language European and World?).


One of our key activities is the Summer School of Slavonic Studies (it’s 60th course taking place in 2016). The Summer School is designed for bohemists worldwide who wish to attend lectures given by outspoken Czech experts and thus improve their knowledge of Czech and learn about everyday life in the Czech Republic.

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