Major research themes

The main focus of the Institute of Czech Studies is the linguodidactics of the Czech language, literature and culture for foreign students of bohemistics. Research is oriented mainly on contemporary Czech and
the discourse dimension of communcation, as well as on Czech realia (namely the reflection of Czech culture and history in contemporary language) and their lingudidactic application in teaching Czech to foreigners. While in recent years, researchers have been aiming mostly on the identification of language proficiency levels according to the The Common European Framework of Reference, currently
our main focus is confrontational research of Czech language and the elaboration of a linguodidactic description of Czech grammar for foreigners. Some of the staff carry out research on language skills assessment, focusing on its practical application. Last but not least, the Institute’s activities
comprise the development of didactics of Czech as a foreign language and the creation of textbooks, teaching materials and methodological manuals for teaching Czech for foreigners with various levels of knowledge and of various backgrounds, ranging from students of bohemistics to low-threshold courses

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