Profile subjects

The staff have cooperated on the Czech National Corpus and Other Languages Corpora research project. They have participated in the EU Euro Languages Net Plus and APLEC international projects. Among our long-term projects is also the elaboration of a description of Czech phraseology a idiomatics and research on contemporary spoken Czech. Many of the staff members cooperated with the Technical University of Liberec on the Innovation in Education in the Field of Czech as a Second Language (the creation of the
so-called “pupils’ corpus”) project and have contributed to the creation of a methodological manual for low-threshold course of Czech. Our staff has also participated in the following projects: Research and Education at Pavol Jozef Šafárik University – aiming towards excellent  European universities (Expert); Language acquisition (L2 acquisition) of Russian native speakers in Czech vs. German language Environments; Moderní mluvnice češtiny pro studenty magisterských programů filologických oborů (Modern Textbook of Czech for Master’s and Doctoral Philology Students) a Čeština v afázii: 4 experimenty (Czech in Aphasia: 4 Experiments). Currently some of our staff are working on the new
conception of the Czech Language Exam for Applicants for Permanent Residency under the auspices of the National Institute for Education.

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