The Follow-up Master Degree Programme

The Institute of Czech Studies opens a two-year follow-up master programme of Czech as a foreign language within the bounds of Philology 7310. This programme is a fulltime single-degree course.

Conditions of entrance requirements here (in Czech only). More information about test or recommended literature is in part Applications of this website.

The master degree programme of Czech as a foreign language is focused on advanced
professional as well as working knowledge of the Czech language and literature. At the same time, it offers some intercross-course overlap, e.g. profound information on general Slavonic Studies, general linguistics, literary theory etc. The programme also creates suitable conditions for gifted students to continue on to postgraduate Czech studies at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University or at other universities and colleges with the particular accreditation.

The course is designed to give participants a sound basis in theoretical, methodological and working knowledge that will enable them to find a corresponding job (see the bachelor degree programme).

If graduates of the bachelor programme of Czech as a foreign language register to the following master programme, they will not have to sit for the entrance examination.

The entrance examination for this type of study has two parts.

In the first part applicants sit for a written test of Czech grammar, linguistic and literary terminology, of Czech culture, history and literature, etc. (see the model test). The essay on a given topic will also be a part of the written test.

The second part is an oral test. The conversation follows the applicant’s knowledge of the Czech language, Czech literature (the applicant is supposed to submit a reading list) and culture. The applicant’s ability to study a philology discipline and his/her motivation are evaluated as well.

In order to pass the entrance examination successfully, applicants are expected to have an advanced professional and working knowledge of Czech (corresponding to the level C1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), a good mastery of Czech literature and profound sociocultural knowledge.

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