Bachelor Degree Course

The Institute of Czech Studies opens a three-year Bachelor program Czech for Foreigners within the studying field Philology. This program is not intended for students with mother tongue Czech language.

In the academic year 2018/19 will not be open nor a three-year Bachelor program Czech for Foreigners neither two-year follow-up master programme. These programmes will be open next academic year.

This program is intended for foreign students and for foreigners living in the Czech Republic, who have already mastered some Czech since Czech is the teaching language of the program. This could be for instance people who have graduated from a university (in the Czech Republic or abroad) and who now want to obtain such an education of the Czech language and culture as would enable them to live and work in the Czech cultural background or to be in professional contact with Czech companies and state institutions. The Bachelor program is also good for diplomats to broaden their knowledge of the language, history and culture. They can profit from their knowledge both inside their countries and in their diplomatic institutionswithin the CR serving as guides or interpreters. Also Czech embassies abroad can draw on their knowledge. Last but not least, the Bachelor program Czech for Foreigners will guarantee to its graduates a solid basis for studying other disciplines at Czech universities.

The course of studies is outlined by a plan of study and a system of testing. The Bachelor studies are finished after passing the Bachelor exam consisting of a final Bachelor project, a written test and oral tests that are taken in three disciplines. The exam is open to the public and is taken in Czech. Through the final project students should be able to demonstrate their ability to get themselves oriented in the existing literature related to the subject, to summarize existing data and to show their independent approach to it. The final project should be at least 40 pages long.

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